Big sun in an empty space

tim and val copy

Big sun in an empty space throws cold light on a slackened upturned face. What made you sit down and what did you think, your best friend your lover your daughters, arms heavy and burning could you have stood you would have hurried home but that’s not how it works not even sometimes, in that instant sleep came to your struggling heart and you lay your shaggy big ol’ guy head down to rest, how many times had that head made me smile made me laugh so hard sometimes I couldn’t breathe, now I feel again a dumb loss of breath – I remember you. I remember you. I remember. Your house your yard your brother’s room your mom, hoop and susan and one long starry night throwing the nut under glaring happy happy happy light. I remember you and I love you Tim.

2 thoughts on “Big sun in an empty space

  1. This is lovely. It should not have been necessary to write though.

    The bowing, the stilling, of this shaggy head (well said!), it’s just wrong. To the extent events beyond anyone’s control can be said to be either right or wrong, this one is wrong.

    I know, I know, this collection of (some) energy and (mostly) emptiness that we call ‘universe’ is impervious to concepts like right or wrong or friend or love or heartbreak.

    I know, I know, some of his energy still sizzles and pops in the hearts of his wife, his children, his friends, still vibrates in my heart, but that’s not the same as his laugh stiring the air or his voice stirring my thoughts, nudging them on paths they wouldn’t have found without his voice.


    I’m going to go under the desk now and cry for a bit.

    Just wrong. Get a clue, ‘universe’. Wrong.


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