Charlie Wakes Again

charlie and us

Charlie lays his head to rest and cries
nothing works the way it should, it’s all a big disguise.
He’s staring at the ceiling of his room;
bothered by a promise broken
angry at a love unspoken,
Charlie lies in darkness with the moon.

Everyone must find the time to dream
then they wake to find that things are not the way they seem.
Charlie falls in silence through the night,
visiting a thousand places,
there to find a thousand faces

…traveling a million miles away
these strangers to the day,
“Oh, the funny things they say!”
The sun is shining bright at half past ten
when Charlie wakes again.

Punching in the time cards as we go
it’s hard to change the picture
don’t you know,
never see what’s coming from behind,
no wonder all the clocks are running slow.

Charlie pulls the covers to his eyes
rain is on the window and there’s lightning in the sky,
slowly, though, our Charlie floats away
laughing in a thousand places
smiling with a thousand faces

…traveling ten million miles away
all strangers to the day,
“The amazing things they say!”

a whipoorwill is singing now and then
and father’s reading Wall Street in the den
and the sun is shining bright at half past ten
when Charlie wakes again.



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Charlie Wakes Again © 1985 baum & wing