Loretta Swit and Joan Cusack. Why.

Why do they do it?
Why, Cher? Why?
Once normal-toothed and endearing in their respective
milieu, now they are playground monkeys,
their tongues forever stuck behind their
upper lips.
Why do the celebrated cap their choppers
in this outlandish way?
Why, Willem DaFoe?
Yes, you had unnervingly
strange teeth before,
but this porcelain Cadillac grillwork
is not the answer.
What were once the clever mouths
of our cultural soothsayers and minstrels
become whitened gapless ivory cow-catchers
which the famous lips struggle to contain.
Hot Lips Houlihan’s dentrifice seems nearly to
charge out of her mouth.
Ms. Cusack’s bridgework is the prow
of a mighty ocean liner.
What in the world?

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