birds march grandly

bright blue-breasted bird
with a laughable mohawk
jumps from branch to branch
to branch to branch to branch
to branch to branch to branch
to branch to branch.
up the worn steps i go
as mechanically as the jumping bird.
i carry an outsized valise
that worsens the climb.
gears turn
a breeze dutifully blows
trees waver and rustle.
not fooling me!
Minutes are on the march,
a dusty endless column of the dispossessed,
they trudge along with their carpets and pans
one turns to me in passing
and says matter-of-factly
“your village is emptying
and there is naught to do.”

5 thoughts on “exodus

    1. Matt, thx much. I’ll admit I sort of can’t abide just returning a comment to be polite, but I did revisit your strange and beautiful site to have a look and was struck, as I am every so often, at how odd and undefinable your vision is. What prompted you to start a blog? Your piece about the rainfall that ends with your eyes stinging…it’s utterly unique. Do you write professionally?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Jef, I write very unprofessionally. I’ve always enjoyed words and writing, and I started this blog as a commitment to actually do it, to explore some thoughts and ideas, and to see if I could develop some skill and practice and get better. I appreciate your comment very much, and am so glad you find this interesting – and odd and undefinable.


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