Game Day


cheaters sometimes prosper

Hello, Niederhoffers! You guys still thinking of joining us for a little board game gathering this Saturday? We had such fun with y’all the last time. If you’re game (get it? haw haw), what works best for us is an early afternoon meeting. Beth is preparing a couple snacks and has hired a pole dancing slime devil from Deneb IV whose arrival time by shuttle has been only vaguely reported. You know how chronically late the slow-poke Denebians can be. But give them a saucerful of tranya and a pole and you’ve got a party. Woo hoo! Should be an eye opener for the kids.

Here’s a snapshot from our last gathering where the rules-are-for-losers denizens of Triskelion cheated after about 1/2 hour of deceptively amiable play by choking us with glowing collars which we were, of course, fools to have agreed to wear in the first place. Live and learn. I trust your neck wounds have healed up nicely. The Star Fleet Duty-Free shop sells an ointment that helps.

Looking forward to our get-together.

The Favershams


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