Christmastime is Here

Charlie ChristmasAnother Christmas. A youngish carpenter was, quite a little while ago, viciously beaten and then entombed. Today we raise a toast and warmly exchange gifts in commemoration.  In another setting we would be required to scourge each other, or worse; build something. So we have it easy, those of us with food, etc. The fact remains that if Christ had been drowned in a bathtub church spires would today be surmounted by that instrument of His sacrifice and the pious would wear porcelain bathroom fixtures about the neck. I mean no disrespect. Something interestingly explosive happened ~ 2000 years ago, but it does not seem to have been of sufficient gravity to sweep aside pediatric cancers or the present starvation of nearly 1 billion of those creatures made in His image, who both spin AND toil and yet can’t get the respect accorded a lily of the field .

O This Year my Inadequacies Surround me like a Crowd of Flying Ants, the stinging kind. They hover helpfully at face level and they go for the eyes with gusto. I shall do better. I shall do much better.

God bless us, every one. Please?

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