The Conscionable Banana

The conscionable banana: It was at work that I first had the banana-apple epiphany, and it was nothing less than that. I’d grown weary-unto-death of this numbing morning ritual, the dazed quaffing of a cold banana, inoculation, I vividly imagined, against the fatty, arterially rapacious foodstuffs that would take up the rest of the daily gastronomy. I’d long since learned of the banana’s nutritional reputation as a wonder food, loaded with potassium, tryptophan (mood-lifting, paisely-bedecked serotonin in a lab smock), iron, B6, and three kinds of spirit-seizing sugar molecule. It’s no wonder the apes bombed Manhattan. But, despite all the evolutionary good cheer inherent in the banana, how awful to have to down one every day. Just the one, of course. But how awful. But then, it was discovered that a yapful of banana could also feature a mediating wedge of apple. Oh, What a Paradise it Seems!

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